Andy Alligator's Solution to Lazy Days

Posted by Andy Alligator's on 05/09/2017

It’s no secret that kids today are more into technology than ever before. Television, smart phones and tablets offer so much these days, it’s hard to take your eyes off them. Therefore, we need to encourage our children to participate in outdoor recreation. Outdoor activities increase fitness levels and build healthy, active bodies. Being outside also raises levels of Vitamin D which helps prevent health issues in children down the road.

Outdoor recreation helps with emotional development and social skills. Interacting with other children is very important in a child’s neurological development. It can also help against childhood obesity, which is a growing problem in the United States.

At Andy Alligator’s we can help your kids get outside and be active! Summer is fast approaching and our Fun Park attractions are the perfect place for outdoor recreation that the entire family can enjoy! Gator Golf is the perfect way to stay on your feet and enjoy the outdoors. You can “Putt like a pro” on our 18-hole course and have a chance to win a FREE game with a skill-shot at the end. Our outdoor climbing wall, batting cages and Water Park are just another way to add to a fun day of outdoor activities!

Always remember to pack the sunscreen, even on cloudy days! Drinking lots of water and fluids with electrolytes will keep you hydrated on a sizzling summer day. The Fun Park is open 7 Days a week and the 2017 Water Park season starts May 13th