Cabin Fever

The first few days of school being called off because of snow can be a wonderful time for moms and kids alike. From building snowmen and staging snowball fights to relaxing on the couch with a steaming mug of hot cocoa and a good movie. As those days start to stack up however, the phrase “Mom! I’m bored!” can start to ring through the halls. Try to do something together as a family like:

·         Involving the kids in a fun new hobby like painting or baking.

·         Pique their interest with music by having each child pick an instrument to learn. Listening to music and singing together is always a day-brightener, and little ones love to play with improvised instruments such as homemade rain sticks assembled with canisters and beans or upside down cans and containers for different drum beats.   

·         Performing science experiments together using snow. For instance, you can help your child explore the world of physics by making a snowball launcher out of a plastic cup and a deflated balloon. Or you can mimic the outdoors with your own snow storm in a jar using Alka Seltzer tablets, white paint, and vegetable oil- and don’t worry moms, no shoveling is required for this storm.


batter up small.jpg

The main secret to avoiding cabin fever is staying active and having fun. Andy Alligator’s Fun Park is offers a Winter Fun Pass through March 31 that includes indoor attractions and an arcade play card for less than $20 per person. Another great thing about it is that parents who don’t want to participate don’t have to pay!  We are a “pay as you play’ facility, and parents can enjoy relaxing and watching their children just having fun.  There are a variety of attractions and rides sure to be a thrill for all ages. Plus, on the nicer days the family can enjoy our outdoor attractions such as go-karts, mini golf, Gator Golf batting cages and more.  For a complete list of attractions, visit this page of our website:

 All-Day Fun Passes are available for only $28.95, but if you buy online you can save $3! Start planning your visit today, that way you’ll never have to hear the phrase, “I’m so bored,” again.

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