Summer is Almost Here, Are You Ready?

A summer of family fun is right around the corner in Norman, Oklahoma. It’s time to get ready! Here are 4 ways to get ready for sun, fun and smiles this summer.

Stock Up on Sunscreen

One way to end a summer before it even began is a painful sunburn. Sun is always included in the summer activities kids love to do, so it’s important to protect yourself. The sun is powerful in the summer, and even when you think you’re protected by the shade, the rays are still coming after you. Having sunscreen on hand is an easy way to prevent this painful problem. Invest in a moisturizer with SPF in it, so you’re protecting and moisturizing every day!

Water, Water, WATER

Staying hydrated is key to an action-packed summer! Being out in the sun swimming, running and climbing can make a kid thirsty. Be sure to always have a water bottle on hand and have watermelon or cucumber for a snack. Have kids drink before they feel thirsty to prevent dehydration. Even when swimming, it’s easy to become dehydrated. Make it a goal to drink more water this summer!

Plan Fun Activities

Summer means kids are out of school and parents need to find activities to keep them busy. Plan ahead for the summer by thinking of some exciting adventures. Andy Alligator’s makes it easy to have fun every day on a budget with three season pass options. The Platinum Pass includes admission to the water park, a daily 3-Hour Fun Park Wristband, a souvenir soda bottle, 3 monthly Bring-A-Friend waterpark tickets and more! Be sure to visit Andy Alligator’s this summer to start your summer off with a splash.

Make a Summer Reading List

Take time to sit back and relax this summer and make a summer reading list for yourself. Read a new genre or re-read your favorite series. Make it a goal to check every book off your list. Get your kids in on the fun and take a family trip to the book store.


We’re also preparing for summer at Andy Alligator’s, and we can’t wait for this year! With two new waterpark attractions and exciting discounts and specials planned, this summer is set to be the most epic yet! Grab a season pass so every day can feel like this best day yet! Are you ready for summer?


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